Dark Crossing


Remember that doodle from a week or so ago?

Well, I entered a low res game art contest over at polycount. You can see my entry here. (EDIT: Hey! I got second place!)

It was satisfying to make, though I hat to trim it waaaaay back from what I originally set out to do. Such is art with deadlines. Still I like the results.

Hey dudes, the cookie Cthulhu shirt is restocked.


The shirt that you can now buy again.

There’s all kinds of restocked gear at Topatoco so you should get on that.

on Rainbows (Time Compressed)

Another time compression of the comic drawing process is up. Enjoy. Sorry about the 2 minutes starting at the 6 minute mark where the stream is paused. I’ll see if I can’t edit that out later.

I love you, Aidan


But please stop pooping on my wife.

On Tuuuuuesdays


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When I was working in San Fransisco, my office was actually right across the street from the CNET building.  This was before Giantbomb.com.

It wasn’t until the site was well established that I was introduced to the personalities of Whiskey Media by a co-worker. Since then, I’ve pretty much have had their videos and podcasts running on a side monitor at all hours while I work. I like having that noise as it reminded me of my times growing up and playing video games with my friends late into the night; Something adulthood hasn’t had nearly enough supply of in comparison.

That’s why I feel like I’ve lost a friend with Ryan Davis’s passing even though we’ve never so much as exchanged a word. I’ve always wanted to get together a quick sketch or a fan art for those guys as a thank you. After all, I love getting fan art myself. I had fun making the above one, it’s just a shame it took loss to get me to take the time to do it.

You’re already missed, Ryan. I hope where ever you are, it’s TUUUUUUUESDAY.

I talked to a person. He wrote it down.


Just want to give a quick link to an piece written about me. Jose San Mateo contacted me and we did a ‘quick’ chat. He wrote some of it down in article format and now you can read it. Nice chap, though I personally think he needs to double check a few lines;

“Like clockwork, a new comic shows up every single week…”

Hah! Oh man. If only… If only…