on Baby Futures

To be fair, he can do what ever he wants, just as long as he’s not a jerk about it.

Ok, that startup I was talking about is live.


My friend Tom has announced his Android game. It’s called A Vision Quest. Basically you use your phone’s camera to let a space armadillo bounce from one side of the screen to the other to rescue his girlfriend (also a space armadillo).

Also, I am in the announcement video.

For info or for demos, send mail to social@omobio.com

The SWAT Bunny shirts are going away


These are pretty nice shirts, if I do say so myself. You’ve got to get them while they last!

We’re cooking up some new designs, so you should see those by Christmas.

Biting the hand


It’s a situation that some people are okay with and others less so.

Also, I spent the weekend helping a friend with the kickstarter video for his startup, so I’ll be plugging that when it goes live.

on Enthusiasm


Jes lent me a hand with the comic this week. Been a bit much going on so, I thought a little ease up on the comic might be in order.

Poor Lloid. He tries to hard.

Added a Link


I’ve added a new link to the ’3PS reads’ category.

Poppy O’Possum

Only a couple dozen comics up so far, but I rather enjoy what I’ve consumed so far. It stars adorable animal characters yet avoids looking like a bunch of mascots. May you enjoy as well.