Jo Shirts!

Jo shirts:

Jo shirts

Also available in hoodie flavor.


However, you don’t have long before Christmas! Check out the Topatoco holiday shipping calander.

New shiiirts

Life is okay, for when life is pretty okay, considering the alternatives.

Life is okay

A shirt based on the comic On Infinite Loops

Programming in a nutshell

on Baby Futures

To be fair, he can do what ever he wants, just as long as he’s not a jerk about it.

Ok, that startup I was talking about is live.


My friend Tom has announced his Android game. It’s called A Vision Quest. Basically you use your phone’s camera to let a space armadillo bounce from one side of the screen to the other to rescue his girlfriend (also a space armadillo).

Also, I am in the announcement video.

For info or for demos, send mail to

The SWAT Bunny shirts are going away


These are pretty nice shirts, if I do say so myself. You’ve got to get them while they last!

We’re cooking up some new designs, so you should see those by Christmas.

Biting the hand


It’s a situation that some people are okay with and others less so.

Also, I spent the weekend helping a friend with the kickstarter video for his startup, so I’ll be plugging that when it goes live.