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on Hard Light Ocular Constructs

I’ve just uploaded one of the most nerdiest things I’ve ever drawn.  This was originally was supposed to be a sketch week as I’m pretty wiped from insomnia and work, but the ‘sketch’ kind of got out of hand.

It started with a conversation Matt and I had after Prometheus about how one of the original endings to Mass Effect was supposedly like, “Using mass effect fields destroys the universe, so reapers were made to stop kill/retard the growth of races that used it.” After a while I was making jokes about hard light sunglasses and that Garrus’s face looks like Lagann.

You can scrub through episode 27 and find each of the shots I used for reference, no problem. I’m so bad at dynamic angles… U_U

And Idris Elba is the best part of every film

I didn’t hate Prometheus. David was a great character, for one thing. However, if I had gone in expecting a rubber monster popcorn muncher, I probably would have liked it more.

Still, some of the bits about religion didn’t work for me. Like when that guy said his girlfriend could give up her cross because aliens created humans, did he think his girlfriend’s belief in God depended on a literal reading of Genesis? I know they didn’t have the benefit of seeing Swole Alien Christ Figure like the audience, but that’s still a weird thing to assume about an archaeologist.