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Spoilers below!

There was another script for today, but I was talking with Jes about Mass Effect 3, which she had recently finished. She said she didn’t mind the “red” ending as much as she thought she would, considering the hype, but she would have liked to see what happens to everyone afterward.

I said I was pretty sure what happens to everyone afterward. Colonies collapse en mass. Tali and Garrus starve to death on an uncharted world. Same thing happens to the Turian and Quarian fleets stranded on Earth. Krogan eat everyone else until they go extinct a thousand years later.

Jes was not having any of that.

I pasted the ensuing rant into another script with the directions “Alternatively, Jes draws this however the hell she wants.”

3PS book one

It’s coming out! We sent it off to the printers this month, and it’s really coming out!

The book and makes its debut at TCAF, May 5th. (Sadly, we won’t be there, but many other webcomic luminaries will be there signing under the Topatoco label.)

We’ll post again when it’s online in the store, which should be real soon now.