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Doodle: On Cherub


Didn’t look like a comic was getting done for this week, so I’ve put up a doodle.

I like the idea of doing a series of images that show a character from a video game advancing from start to end-game. Kind of like those Pokemon level-up things you’ll see.

So I did one on my dev character from the game I work on, Spiral Knights. Mind you, in this case, it’s kind of cheating as I design all the armor in the game. In fact the last one up there isn’t even a proper armor set. It is however, my official forum icon. I guess I made that one because I felt there wasn’t an armor set that adequately expressed the right amount of emo.

Ooo! I think the next one I draw should be my Gods Eater avatar. Oh how I wish that one had a NG+ option.



Women were drinking a lot of Diet Dr. Pepper and men weren’t, and they wanted to correct that. That’s tricky to pull off, because there are two genders that are the inverse of each other in every way, and one must hate what the other enjoys.

So now we have Dr. Pepper 10.

As a random note;

I named my khajiit ‘Ren’.

For what it’s worth

Should you want more Khajiit related humor, I highly recommend Prequel. Every update further encourages the part of my brain responsible for frowning to shut-the-fuck-up.