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APE this weekend!

…But I won’t be there. Regardless of what the rant below here says, I, Ian McConville, will not be at APE. I am required else where, and while I’m sorry that I will miss out on meeting a both reader and author alike, it is something I must do. However, Matt will still be attending. He’ll just have more leg room than previously.

Please, bring him coffee. He loves the stuff.

Side note, as the above comic will show, I’m not good at drawing cats. Their physique is too alien for me to bend and flex. Cute buggers though, and their features are what make mithra girls so cute too.

You know what you should do today?

You should totally look at some cool art.

Or perhaps you hire people that make cool art? In either case, I may have a suggestion or two…

Diet Coke

Rewynd Blog

Halloween and that Jazz

My normal laptop is out of commission for a little bit so I did this comic on Jes’s computer. Though, I don’t know if her monitor is calibrated correctly as I now worry the comic is much darker than I intended it. Well, even so, it looks pretty good on the monitor in front of me now.

It’s just a little Warcraft joke, but I hope that even if you don’t play you can find Calabim cute enough to make up for the joke.

Yeah, it’s too dark…

Looking at the comic on my work monitor does confirm the comic to be too dark. I’ll fix that when I get off work tonight. All fixed!

Side note: I’m in S-Words again! Want to hear my irritating voice and fail to add anything meaningful to the conversation? Then check out these podcasts!

The Sims!
Stuff and Suggestions!

And remember, you can find Dom and his friends shooting the shit weekly on S-Words, so make sure to check them out on iTunes.