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This is where I link things.

-First up, people wanted to see a higher resolution version of last week’s panel 2. So here you go:
On Similes: Panel 2, High(er) Resolution

-Second, Henry Freeman. Need I say more?

-Third, Elder Sign.

-Fourth, I love the art of Niklas Jansson. His sense of volume, color and mechanics is staggering and I study anything he posts hoping to absorb the awesome. I’ve also really enjoyed the art and design of Megaman Legends. The robots are wonderfully iconic. Plus I have a soft spot for low resource games, which is sated by it’s PS1 era graphics.

So when he posted up his latest mind scribblings, I was quite thrilled. Damn, that’s awesome. I love how he expands apon the style of the game to overlap some of the original megaman’s robot designs. Seriously, I receive nourishment from staring at these designs.

It’s funny though, he loves him his low ride panties. (Which I won’t fault him for as he draws them quite cute.) I like to play a game of “time till pantie” with his design docs. Same rules as “time till crate“.

Bomber Queen – Scroll bar to bottom.

Master of Orion – 2/3rds down.

Star Control – Don’t even need to scroll.

An early version of this strip read “I just want to be loved.” However, anglerfish love involves the male losing his digestive system, fusing to a female and withering into a pair of gonads.

So I figured I’d save that one for Valentine’s Day.

I made you a mix tape.

2 Skinnee Js – BBQ
TV on the Radio – Halfway Home
Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around
Bruce Springsteen – Livin’ in the Future
Caesars – We Got To Leave
Phantom Planet – Big Brat
Drive-By Truckers – The Sands of Iwo Jima
The Clash – Rudie Can’t Fail
The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger
Jesse Dangerously – The Force (Ha!)

Um, can we meet in the stairwell after lunch?

No comic this week…

…I’m feeling under the weather and would like to do some resting. In the mean time enjoy the sketches above and the links below.

Final Fantasy X I I I – A first look at the english dubbing for the latest FF. It’s so awesome you’ll be required to high five some one as soon as it’s over.

Robot Penguins – ROBOT damn PENGUINS. The fuck else do you want?!

Also a reminder, Matt, Jes, and I will be attending ACen in two weeks. We’ve prepped some new shirts designs I hope you like and I’ll also attempt one of my art panels. But mostly please, feel free to come by and chat while I happily doodle for your amusement.