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11 Days

Not my best comic. I’ve been relying on the ‘cute’ style too much lately, but I’ve lacked the inspiration to break from it seems.

A few readers have been voicing their concern that I haven’t been posting rants lately. My apologies. Truth is, a lot has been on my plate and my energy low. I continue to strive to get a certain project out into your hands and I hope that will wrap up soon.

However, what’s even more pressing to me is that very soon, exactly 6 months since I asked her the question, Jessica and I will be married. Happily it seems everything is coming together and all that’s left to worry about is making sure everyone gets there safely. I’m really excited, to be put simply and it’s been on my mind perpetually. I can only imagine the hours I’ve spent on the phone making arrangements to Ohio with friends and family, and Jes’s phone time probably doubles mine.

See, currently, we live and work in San Francisco, as been seen in the strip. However, the wedding is in Ohio, our home state. Makes things a little harder to assemble.

What this means to you, the readers, though, is that I’m going to have very little time to update in the two weeks I’m out of town. I’m trying to get something done ahead of time so you can at least see a fresh post each week, but I’ve learned these last 9 years, never to promise anything.

Thank you to for all your emails and support. And thank you for letting me share with you this happy time in our lives.

So hey

Topatoco has gift certificates up and running. Good for last minute gifts, you know?

Theoretically the giftee could spend it on our stuff, but every time we load up the pages of Topatoco’s other clients, we just groan and go “Those guys are kicking our asses.