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Better than disembowled mice

Today’s present was a chunk of toilet paper torn from the roll and dragged into the bed. It was adorable and gross.


*8:35am – Wakes up*

*10:42am – Checks email*

*10:43am – Collects jaw from floor*

Man, that’s quite a bit of feed back on the tablets. Thank you. I shall begin going through this at lunch.

Merch 2: The Swaggening

There’s going to be a few new prints up in the store soon. Topatoco is going to revamp their system this week, so we’re waiting until then.

We picked out some comics we liked (19, 38 and 51) the art on and printed them up sans word balloons. We’ll be carrying these to Genericon this month as well.

Question for who ever made me;

How can so much mucus come out of my head and my skull not collapse? This is getting ridiculous.

So I have another random French digital artist that I’m incredibly jealous of. This one draws my current favorite webcomic on the net. Honestly, it says a lot about my criteria for such things since I can’t read the comic.

It’s called Maliki. Seems to be a ‘day in the life’ comic about a neon-pink haired elf(?) girl. Each strip is beautifully rendered and expressive. So much so, that even with out being able to understand the dialog, the humor can be translated just based on the art. However, I have no idea what the flying-cyborg-pink-cheetah-girl is supposed to be…

Like I said, incredibly jealous of this one. Amazing art and still updates every week with epic length comics. I must consume this artist’s powers as my own.

Hey folks!

Since planning to do some conventions again, we’re getting a new booth banner. And since we’re getting a new banner, we decided to auction off the old one which has just been sitting in my bedroom, being awesome.

Auction ends Jan 30. EDIT: Auction has ended.

Alex Robinson style all up ins

Characters courtesy of comics #2 and #27.

My poor wall comic

Another cat based comic slips in. Of course any comic at this point is good right? The wall comics are from an old school project where people would write in the balloons. We hang it up now for +5 style points.

So, I’ve been feeling that my tablet is holding me back. Like I’ve hit its limit of use and in order to progress I need a more precise tool. I would like the accuracy of pencil and paper, with the dynamic flexibility of digital. This is leading me to tablet PCs.

I have no interest in those gigantic monitors that are also tablets. I want something light and portable that can also accompany me on trips or maybe just to the couch… I like the couch.

The problem I’m finding is that all the crits of such hardware is based on their ability to ‘increase your office productivity.’ I want to find how well a model would work with art and the tools I use for said art. I’d love to hear any experience or suggestions those of you have with such hardware. I can be reached on Gmail as Malakym. (such as listed on the contact page…. maybe I should make a contact page….)