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Dr. Barnes seemed like an interesting guy.

The story is referenced on the Wikipedia entry for Irukandji syndrome.

This book has the story of the field test in more detail. It makes no reference to the boy being his son, but rather a “volunteer.”

I’d love to hear the kid’s take on it. I wonder if it’s recorded anywhere?

Zap Zap

Seriously, I must be the most uncreative BioShock player. Plasmids? Traps? Turrets? What do I need those for? I have a shotgun!

Sweet McNinja… It’s 5:30 am… I’m going to get some damn sleep.

Matt is exaggerating because he doesn’t want to get up.

But they are docile, and prefer widow spiders.

I’m working.

Been trying to get this one out the door for a while now, but been failing on that front. So rather than continue to draw until I finish the comic at holy-shit early o’clock, I’m going to bed. I’ll continue after work.

Here’s hoping it won’t suck as the longer between updates the more I have a pension to hate how the comic comes out. At least I’m happy with panel 1.

Press B to Edit Rant

Let’s try this again:

*I am happy with how the comic looks. Thumbs up and all that jazz. (Especially panel 2)

*The failure is just that I seem to have drawn an orange where an apple should be so to speak, causing people to get the wrong meaning from the comic. Or so the feedback would lead me to believe.

*Yes, Panel 1 is totally “invisible cheezeburger”. You win 4chan. Mad props.