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A turn from the serious

I’m telling you, she’s just magic’ing up those sugary delights over at the restaurant. You should see her when it’s dinner time… Crazy.

Seriously, though, folks.

Definitely gonna miss that.

Also, dock ducks.

I love my job.

Next to “ball pit o’clock” and the Tasty Cake fights, blowing bubbles in the hot tub is the best part of my job. We make video games here, I swear!

But seriously, I love my job. Great people and lots of creative freedom. I mean come on, they let me design my own desk!

The cocktail glass has lemonade in it.

Just saying.

That’s why the “current music” was Pink Floyd.

Well Ian, it’s a play on the phrase “If these walls could talk…” The suggestion is, like many people, they wouldn’t have much to say no matter what they were witness to.

So uh…

Matt, I don’t get this one. Also I wasn’t able to make the text readable from that far away.

I almost forgot!

That last line in the comic, and thus from a certain perspective the whole comic, comes courtesy of Mr. Stevens. He said I could steal it if I linked him back.