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Mmmm… random art style change. It was such a good cartoon.


Some one forgot to upload the strip last night. Remedied.

Pop rock punks


Not everyone keeps up on the news.

(Yes, the icon is derived from the guerilla Gorillaz marketing campaign.)

Losing Control

I find the more I loosen my line work the more I’m enjoying the results. When I first started down this path I was trying to carve with ink. Modeling to some degree after some Frank Miller works, but the cleaner stuff just wasn’t doing it. That or I really hated drawing in Flash. God, I hate Flash…

But then I sat down and started doodling my old City of Villains character, Risu, and ended up with this:

I really like that character, shame the game got boring. Seems to be a common fate with my MMO characters.

Side note, this is awesome.