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Reboot complete

It begins again.

Our site is forever in the works, but we’re more focused on function than form at the moment. There’s comics, there’s rants, yeah, I think it’s good for now. Eventually we’ll bust out the stylish CSS or whatever the kids these days are sporting.

Japan already has these

Correctly sized

The more things change…

Before I colored the panel, it looked like this:

It’s an interesting sketching method I’ve picked up while working. It involves a fat, broad brush, then widdling down the strokes with the eraser. Fun stuff.

Haven’t decided on an update pattern yet. Maybe mon/fri. Also leaning toward tue/thur. Of course any comics at all is a good pattern to go with.

This is Elite Beat Agents, level 12. (Track song: “You’re the Inspiration” by Chicago.)

Six comics in…

…And already a ball joke.

No, I don’t hate Macs. I cut my pixelated teeth on them. What I hate is that advertisement campaign.

(Panel 2 came out rather bad.)

Our icons are in disarray!

Hey Ian, could you make me a copy of my IM icon in your handwriting?

You know the one I mean.

Yeah, sure.