Nature v Nurture
| May 22nd, 2017

Nov.18.16 at 12:59 pm

Hey folks, got a couple of new items up at the Topatoco store.

We got one that people in tech areas might like.

startup shirt

And we got one for people who are really enthusiastic about cruciferous vegetables all being the same species.

cruciferious shirt

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Jan.17.16 at 11:36 pm

Jes talked to the Daily Dot about the Alzheimer's comic.

We did it to let people know there's help out there so it's good to see that getting some traction.

Aug.20.15 at 05:55 pm

Hey guys. We've officially joined up with Hiveworks as an affilliate, and they built us a snazzy new site! One that isn't just me banging two rocks together on someone's sample WordPress template.

At the same time, we're launching a Patreon! Patreon, for those that don't know, allow you to support a creator by pledging to donate a few bucks a month. If it gets high enough, we're committed to double updates.

Mar.09.15 at 12:01 am
Early on the morning of March 8th, our dear friend Danny Suthivarikom passed away. He is survived by his wife Miho and his daughter Momo.

Drawing this comic for Dom is probably one of the only ways I can be of help to the friends I left behind when my family moved across the country. It's already been linked to in the tweet box above, but it's worth linking it again if it further helps those that Danny left behind.

I'm sorry I didn't know you better, Danny, but your friends and family are going to make sure your daughter knows how awesome her daddy was.

Rest well.